Atum aBag Simplicity Business

3-compartment laptop shoulder bag

External features:
-Detachable adjustable shoulder strap
-Over-the-handle design
-Padded leather handle
-Leather ID tag
-Foot stand

Internal features:
1st compartment
-Padded elastic pockets for small electronic devices like MP3 player, PDA, mobile phone, travel laptop mouse and etc.
-Removeable passport bag for passport, flight ticket, boarding pass, mileage cards, mobile phone and pens. It can be worn around the neck.
-Removeable CD/DVD holder
-Pen oops
-Key hook
-ID window
-File section

2nd compartment
-Laptop storage section with protective cushions and Velcro closure
-Lockable zipper carriages (lock not included)

3rd compartment
-File section

33cm x 43cm x 16 cm (height x width x depth)

1599 DKK


Ring på 96 20 00 50 eller mail

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